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Business Value Add – Top 3 Places to Mention your Value Add on the Web

Business Value Add – Top 3 Places to Mention your Value Add on the Web

I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about web marketing and it’s importance. Now that you’ve grasped this concept, let’s talk about why a potential customer would choose to do business with you over your competition. Two words “Value Add”. What is your business value-add? Even though you might not list this information online yet, you probably think about it all the time.

Unfortunately, thoughts alone won’t translate into immediate revenue. You need to clearly list the value-add of your business on the web so that potential customers can contact you. For example, my friend Bhaskar Goswami who co-founded Daana; an organization that provides pay-it-forward wellness and yoga classes, has emphasized his knowledge of not only Yoga Training but other modern lifestyle improvement techniques. Now that you understand the importance of communicating your value-add on the web, here are the top 3 places you should mention it:

1. Value-Add in the Meta Description

What is a meta description? And why should I mention my business value-add in my meta description? Those are great questions. If you’re like me and more visual, take a look at the screenshot below from this Aluminum Windows Company that shows you what a meta description is.


As you know, a good way to find a business online is to go through search engine (ex: Google, Yahoo, Bing). To help you appear in the search results, you should have a meta description written for each page on your website. This is the first thing users will see before they decide whether or not to click through from Google. They say you only have one chance at a first impression, so here’s your chance! Include your value-add in the meta description and entice users to pick you over someone else. Knowing your value-add comes in handy during your implementation stage.

For example, as Alumalco builds their meta description, they will include their value add. “With over 15 years of experience, Alumalco provides state of the art installation of Aluminum doors and windows in Montreal.” In this description, Alumalco was able to inform their customers that they have years experience and that their product is of superior quality.

2. Value-Add in the Business Descriptions of Online Directories

If you own a brick and mortar business or perform an on-site service, you will need Local SEO to get noticed in your city. An important component of Local SEO is your NAP (Business Name, Address and Telephone number). Web Agencies that help small businesses rank on search engines often have a team dedicated to signing up local businesses to web directories. These directories include 411.ca and Yelp and they often provide a space for including a business description. This is the perfect opportunity to communicate your business value-add. That way, if users find you through these directories, you will entice them to visit your website over the competition.

3. Value-Add on the Homepage of your Website

And last but not least, #3 on our list of important areas to list your business value-add is the homepage of your website. Your prospective or existing clients have finally made it to your company website. The struggle was real but they are finally here. And what better way to greet them than by listing your value-add.

Your business homepage is your hub. When users arrive, you need to tell them exactly what you do in a simple and efficient manner. Take a look at my friend Jean’s Surewipe homepage for the wiper arm accessory he invented. He starts with 10 reasons why you should buy his product. Now there’s a great way to communicate a product’s value-add!

I hope you’ve considered listing your value-add on the web after reading this article as it is a full proof way to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

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